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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 9, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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to carry on his legacy through our children. and they will know what an amazing man he is... was. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. bart trains are running again after huge delays tonight, we have photos from tonight, people sleeping and bored as they were waiting for it to get started again. live to kron 4's reggie kumar she live to tell us what happened. there was a rush of people that went down to the station after the giants game ended. it's empty right now. the problem was a computer router. it wasn't working so managers were unable to see where the trains were located and running
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on the system. that's why service was suspended. you can see how slow the trains were going. people standing around and waiting at the 16th and mission bart station. i a sign there blinking saying the system is out of order. now she was trying to catch a train to sfo and get on a flight back to new york. >> just got here 5 minutes ago, waiting for the bart to get on the plane. our flight is leaving in a few hours and we had no idea the computer system would be down. if we don't make our plane we have to stay in san francisco another day and we don't have the funds to do that. >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you. teenager who survived a spinal injury last year died in a car accident. his parents are talking about
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their loss. danny cox was drive acpick up on highway 101 on sunday, it truck swerved and hit a tree killing the teen. he was paralyzed last year, his parents and girlfriend are shocked. they say stem cell injections were helping him regain movement. >> my son last year was in lake tahoe with his friends, in 2 feet of water, saw a wave coming in and he decided to do a dive. he was paralyzed from the chest down. he could not use his fingers. he could move his arms. he could move his arms around. >> wonderful boy. don't make many boys like him. >> i think driving in a car gave him a sense of freedom and
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adrenaline to be normal. you could almost be like he was, we were hoping that would push him into the next stage of hope and trying. >> danny is a strong person. i really thought he would be able to make it through this and i wanted to be there for him and watch him take his first steps again. >> this is video from youtube of him in rehab. his family decided to go ahead with a fund raising golf tournament on september 9. it will help to pay for his stem cell injections. it is the danny cox memorial benefit. log on to for more information. police continue to search for a suspect in a drive-by shooting that killed a three-
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year-old boy. he was shot on international boulevard this afternoon. someone in a car opened fire on two men. they suffered minor injuries, the boy just happened to be there. witnesses tried to help him but the injuries were too severe. the police chief is outraged. >> ridiculous. i don't think it could be a sadder day for oakland. we have had teens losing their lives. >> the chief says the city is now on tackical alert, more officers are on the street for the rest of the week. police have arrested a man suspected of killing a 14-year- old girl three decades ago. steven carlson is in jail tonight. he was 16 at the time of the murder. he is now 43. police connected his dna to the death of tina faelz. she was stand to death in 1984.
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her body left in a ditch. kron 4's charles clifford talked to people about the murder and the arrest. . >> reporter: she was a year younger than tina faelz. she remembers the kids talking about the murder and how shed with avoid the spot. >> my dad took me to school but we walked home and different people said don't walk that way. >> reporter: today her friends were talking about the arrest of steven carlson. >> i am shocked. i am glad. but, you know, i don't know what to believe yet. i have only see stuff on facebook of the people they think that did it. >> reporter: while she is happy an arrest was made she is also disturbed the killer is someone her own age. >> scary to think i was at
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school with him. i don't know. creepy. >> kron 4 news. pretty nice day today. warmer for the inland valleys. high temperatures upper 80s and low 90s inland today. very comfortable ibthe south bay. 77 san jose. 68 oakland. tomorrow we can expect very similar conditions except for inland valleys. a few degrees cooler there. the fog is slower to reform tonight. tomorrow morning we will see fog and drizzle for the coast line and into the bay shores. scaling back by noon. sunny by 4:00. warmer weather for the weekend. saninterim san francisco mayor ed lee will run to keep his job. tonight he joined other candidates at a forum in san francisco. when ed lee was chosen to
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replace gavin newsom had insisted he would return to his old job even promising he would not run for mare. he acknowledged tonight he changed his mind. stocks in the asian market are taking a dive. they fallen early tuesday because of the u.s. market plunge. south korea and hong kong seeing the biggest drops. they will continue to drop if wall street doesn't stabilize. the dow saw one of the biggest drops today. the market was on the decline at 11,000 when this morning the officials at standard and poor's down graded the credit rating of fannie mae and freddy mac and other agencies linked to u.s. debt. the market continued to spiral. at 11:00 a.m. the presidents tried to calm fears. within 30 minutes of the speech
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the market dipped. the first time the index fell below 11,000 mark since november. it cerned back above 11,000 but dipped again. a drop of 635 points for the day. the big losers for financial institutions. bank of america stocks dropped 20.3% today. several other bank ormargage groups fell double digits. the u.s. has seen bigger drops in the dow. today was just 5.6% of the market. in 1987 stocks dropped 22.6%, 508 points. in 1929 a series of poor days on wall street led to the beginning of the great depression which began october 29 and in 2008 stocks fell 7.9% or 733 points. that was 2 weeks before
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president obama was elected into office. >> coverage of the stock market plunge continues tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. we will have updates on the numbers numbers and join us tomorrow night to yñsñkéké
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. new at 11:00, three men are facing charges after a woman was robbed and assaulted. police are saying that woman was walking along when a man rip adenecilous from her neck and jumped into a waiting van. they spotted the same van. two men were arrested and a third man ran off into a apartment complex but they arrested him too. we have photos of the three suspects. we have their mug shots. police are looking for them
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tonight and they suspect them in another robbery last month. very little change over the next three days but for the weekend a warm
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♪ ♪ two of 30 americans killed in a chopper crash in afghanistan are from the bay area. derek benson is from napa county. the other man kevin houston from san jose. houston moved to virginia to train with the navy seal. his uncle who lives in san jose says he was a member of the navy seal team that killed osama bin laden. >> a proud moment for our family, you know, that he served his country in that fashion. and i know that he would want us to keep our heads up high in this moment. you know, of grief. but if, if it is hurting,
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hurting time too, for the fact is that we love him. most youngsters play cowboys and indians, or maybe some type of athletic football but kevin picked a navy seal. it was interesting that he wanted to partake in something like that. >> his nephew once pulled a drowning man from a pool when he was 10 years old. similar weather expected tomorrow as what we saw today. start the morning with fog. temperatures in the mid-50s. fog pushing back to the coast by noon and warmer in some spots tomorrow afternoon but cooler in places like livermore. 81 degrees for tomorrow. fog spilling in to the bay shores and north bay and the
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developmenta as well. scaling back slower in places like oakland. 10:00 hour. and then later on into the afternoon fog back to the coast. doesn't look like we will see sunshine along the coast line. temperatures look like this, 77 in san jose tomorrow, 82 los gatos. 81 livermore, 86 antioch. 70s for the bay shores. 65 in san francisco. 70s in the north bay. 83 in concord. we continue to see temperatures below average for this time of year. tomorrow afternoon, 16 degrees below average in livermore. 4 degrees in hay award and 2 in san francisco. but we are going to warm up later on this weekend into the weekend. friday into saturday and continuing into sunday a warm
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techpage. gabe slate, kron 4 news. in sports the world champs have been slumping. their lead now down to 1/2 game but pittsburgh came in on a lose streak, could the giants right
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victorino appealed the decision tonight and hit a home run as the phillies beat the dodgers. one of the warriors' best is
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going to the hall of fame. they are hall of famers to be enshrined and mullein talked about what being a member of the hall of fame means to him. >> overwhelming. it is. guys that i idolized throughout my career and now you are in the same group with them. it's an overwhelming feeling but something -- it's an honor i will accept. still sinking in. this weekend will be a world wind. i am going to enjoy it and soak it in. >> diana, remember in the '80s you heard about her trying to become the 1st person to swim between cuba and florida
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without a shark cage. she is 61. struggled through ocean swells, shoulder pain and asthma before she was forced to give up the 103-mile swim. she was training for two years, swimming 12 hours a day. catherine heenan would say stay home. [ talking at the same time ] >> i am like good for you but i would not -- stay home. >> i saw my mother sunday and she said stop with that after 40 stay home. [ talking at the same time ] >> that sounded like agony. >> here she is, enjoying herself, vomited, struggled -- [ talking at the same time ] >> a 7-year-old has signed to the real madrid soccer team. he will start training
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